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How to Choose

Wall-Mounted Hoops

Generally, when a Goalsetter wall mount basketball hoop is selected for outdoors, it’s a matter of putting a hoop in limited space where an in-ground pole is not an option. Wall mounts are frequently selected for indoor play as well, however, where there are wall structures readily available to support basketball play.

Every Goalsetter wall mount system (adjustable or non-adjustable) has a heavy-duty mounting bracket mechanism to deliver rock-solid Goalsetter performance. Selecting the correct wall mount basketball hoop, then, generally depends on the space available, the age of players expected to play on the system, and the desire for adjustability. When space is not a concern, selecting a correct board size is very similar to selecting the correct board size on an in-ground system.

72” x 42” wall mount systems are the best choice if you’re a serious basketball enthusiast or a former high school or college competitor. 72” boards are our most popular board for inside wall mount installations.

  • The official, regulation size used in high school, college, and NBA competition.
  • Ideal system for a dedicated backyard court or a large 3 car garage driveway.
  • Approved for residential, commercial, and institutional installations.

60” x 38” wall mount systems are Goalsetter’s an excellent choice for the recreational player of all ages. Extremely durable for the serious player, yet it is an ideal size for a family with young children.

  • Ball response and playability identical to that of the 72” backboard.
  • Ideal system for a two (2) car driveway or smaller backyard court.
  • Approved for residential, commercial, and institutional installations.

54” x 36” wall mount systems are for young children just learning the game of basketball. As a child’s skill level develops, you can advance to a larger system. Casual and recreational play will provide hours of family fun and enjoyment.

  • Same consistent ball response and durability as its big brothers, the 60” and 72”.
  • A one (1) car driveway or small court is a perfect location to consider a 54”.
  • Approved for residential, commercial, and institutional installations.

48” x 32” wall mount systems provide an economical way for a family to get a quality goal system that will last for many years. It provides the perfect reason for a family to spend time outdoors together.

  • Same consistent ball response and durability as its big brothers, the 60” and 72”.
  • Limited to smaller courts and one (1) car driveways.
  • Approved for residential installations only.

36” x 25” Junior Wall Mount systems are a great way to bring the fun of junior basketball to very young kids in the rec room, the day care, a basement, garage, or even an outdoor wall. Junior wall mount systems are not adjustable. Junior backboard systems are a child-friendly (rugged and safe) addition for the very young ball player’s play area.

Perfect for all sizes and ages and backed by a limited lifetime warranty, families choose Goalsetter – the Best in Basketball. Choose the system right for you here.