National and Regional Basketball Goal Installation and Assembly Companies

Goalsetter Basketball goals are the easiest to install residential goal system on the market. With its direct bury hinged anchor system it can be assembled on ground then stood up. It requires 1/3smaller hole for its anchor because of its strength versus J-bolt systems, which means 1/3 less concrete to mix also.

Goalsetter Systems provides the following list as reference of nationwide and regional installation companies that offer complete installation and assembly services. Goalsetter Systems does not endorse or recommend any specific company. All of the companies below have been used successfully by previous customers of Goalsetter Systems.

Installation charges for basketball goals vary depending on size and your location.

  • In Ground Goals: Costs can range from $325 to $450. These prices assume no rock or hard surface is encountered during digging of hole. It would normally include hauling the dirt away. Extra charges may apply depending upon the work to be performed and travel distance.
  • Wall Mount Goals: Costs can range from $300- $450. These prices assume a wood framed wall where additional wall support can be added easily. The goal wner/installer is responsible for providing the wall hardware. Extra charges may apply depending upon the type of wall, hardware needed to secure goal to the wall, and the amount of available work space.


United Assemblers

Urban Express

Insight Solutions

Jez Inc

Optimus Installs


Chicago & Southern Wisconsin


  • Company: Assembly Pro
  • Website: (
  • Phone: 321-231-3013

Georgia & parts of Alabama, South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, Florida


  • Company: All Star Assembly
  • Phone: 319-431-4693

Michigan, NE Indian & NW Ohio

  • Company: Playground Rockstar
  • Phone: 248-506-7493

Minneapolis/St. Paul MN, Greater Minnesota & Western WI

North Carolina

New Jersey, eastern New York, Philadelphia area

  • Company: Home Court Hoops
  • Website:
  • Phone: 908-451-5738
  • Notes: Has a 3,600 sq.ft. warehouse. Homeowner can arrange to have goal system shipped to it.

New York

Business Name State Phone Email Owners Name
Kpod Inc. Chicago 847-323-4826 Rick Podgorski
Jeff Rodgers Arkansas 630-240-8091 Jeff Rodgers
Brad Engbers Iowa 641-204-2442 Brad Engbers
Jez Inc. Nationwide 800-874-1487 Jimmy Jez
Insight Solutions Nationwide 866-278-4211
Urban Express Assembly Nationwide 888-489-2845 Arthur LaGrega
Precision Delivery/Install NY/NJ/CT 914-879-0286 Alex Kaoukakis
Universal Service Center Chicago & southern Wisconsin 708-287-9565 Barry Grossman
The Assembly Team Minneapolis/St Paul, Greater Minnesota & Western WI 612-387-9741 Robert Mattern
Mike Otto Chicago 708-717-9245 Friend of Brad Engbers
FitTech and Assembly N. Carolina 919-358-4015 Scott Jennings
Home Court Hoops New Jersey, eastern NY, Philadelphia 908-451-5738 Mike Westhead
Assembly Services Georgia & parts FL, TN, AL, NC, SC 678-227-9936 Russ
United Assemblers Nationwide 614-364-4232 Mike Mehrle
Playground Rockstar Michigan, NE Indiana, NW Ohio 248-506-7493 Roberto Mendez
All Star Assembly Iowa 319-431-4693 Mike Vifian
Century Tennis, Inc New York 631-242-0220 Kevin Healion